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Terms and conditions of use

Terms & Conditions
Any consultation of the pages of the Site and Club membership Onlyou implies acceptance by the user, the terms of these conditions. We draw attention to the fact that among the services offered by the Site, some have specific conditions of use that supplement these conditions.
    1. Purpose of the Site
The Site aims to provide general information on the regional shopping center Créteil Soleil and its brands, the loyalty program "My Place in the Sun" on the loyalty program Club of Onlyou KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT, and allow the user to join the loyalty program "My Place in the Sun" and the Club Onlyou.
All information contained on the Site in any way constitute an offer to contract or an offer to buy or sell, unless otherwise noted.
    2. Club Membership Onlyou
The Website offers users to join the Club Onlyou. Any user wishing to join the Club Onlyou must be aware of these conditions of use and accept these terms. By clicking on the check box "I have read the conditions of use and accept them", the user acknowledges adhere to the terms of these conditions of use, comply with and accept its terms.
2.1. Club membership Onlyou implemented by the company MANAGEMENT KLEPIERRE allows the user:
- To benefit from promotional offers;
- Receive the newsletter Club Onlyou;
- To have access to certain services on the Site solely for members Onlyou Club;
- You can publish on the Site any comments regarding articles published on dedicated areas on the Site.
2.2. To join the Club Onlyou, the user must complete an application form posted on the website specifying the required information. The user should particularly define a username and password that will allow them to access their member account.
2.3. Failure to complete the required information, the registration will not be possible. The user agrees that the information listed on the form is complete and accurate. The user also agrees to keep his username and password strictly confidential.
2.4. An email will be sent to the user confirming his registration to the email address mentioned in the form.
2.5. Registration gives the user a member of the Club Onlyou and give them access to services specified in 2.1.
2.6. A member of the Club Onlyou can change your information at any time via the "My Account". It may also ask to unsubscribe Club Onlyou at the following address
2.7. MANAGEMENT KLEPIERRE may decide to suspend or exclude a member for violations of these terms of use.
    3. Guarantees
The user guarantees KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT, as well as everyone involved in the creation, production and distribution of the Site against any claim, liability, costs and expenses resulting from the violation of these terms or relating to the use of the Site.
All information and data transmitted by the user are under his sole responsibility, the latter undertaking to indemnify and hold MANAGEMENT KLEPIERRE against all direct and indirect damages that might result.
The user is solely responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial, caused by himself, to the Site due to the illegal use or not the service that is provided. In the cases mentioned above, the user agrees to indemnify KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT, including reasonable attorneys' fees it has been countered to engage, in case of conviction against the latter payment damages. In addition, the user undertakes to refund KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT for the costs of repairing the damage he has caused.
    4. Responsibility
KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT shall not be held liable for direct or indirect damages that could result from access to or use of the Site or the information contained therein whatever nature. KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT assumes no responsibility for the timeliness of decisions and the manner of its execution taken by users solely on the basis of the information published on the Site.
KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT disclaims all liability for damages suffered by the user in particular due to the loss, deterioration or alteration of files, transmission of viruses that may infect computer equipment or other property at the during the connection and / or consultation and / or use of the Site.
The user acknowledges that data transmissions over the Internet are a relative technical reliability and the data itself is not protected against possible misuse. Under these conditions, the communication passwords or other confidential data, and more generally of any sensitive information is performed by the user under his own responsibility.
It is up to the user to take all appropriate to protect its data measurements and its equipment from contamination by viruses such as intrusion attempts in its computer system by third parties through the services of the Website.
The user acknowledges that his equipment is connected to the Internet under his own responsibility and therefore KLEPERRE MANAGEMENT is in no way responsible for any damage that may occur during its connection.
Consequently, in full knowledge of the above, the user waives any liability for KLEPERRE MANAGEMENT concerning one or more of the above facts or events.
    5. Update
MANAGEMENT KLEPIERRE made reasonable efforts to provide updated information on its website of. All information made known to people accessing the site were selected on a given date.
They may require an update that could not intervene at the time of consultation for technical reasons or not, or be impaired. KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT can not be held responsible for any errors or omissions.
    6. Hyperlinks
The Site may provide links to other sites. The sites to which these hypertext links are, unless otherwise indicated, independent of the Site and KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT. MANAGEMENT KLEPIERRE can in no way be held responsible for the content of these sites, any damages that may result from the connection to these sites, the information contained therein, transactions can be carried out, the editor of the site assuming only these responsibilities.
Any hypertext link, of whatever nature, allowing access to the Site or any of its pages or its elements requires the prior written permission of KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT.
    7. Sharing Features on social networks
The site includes features for sharing, social networks, some content. The user agrees on this occasion not to divert the direction of the content or to undermine the image of KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT. In any case, this sharing is the sole responsibility of the user.
    8. Publication of content
8.1. Onlyou Club members may be offered the opportunity to post comments on articles published on dedicated areas of the Site.
8.2. The user is solely responsible for the content that he posts on the website, as well as texts and / or opinions that formula. He specifically agrees that these data are not likely to jeopardize the legitimate interests of third parties whatsoever.
As such, it will:
- Do not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, abuse or threaten anyone, nor violate the rights of others,
- Make no misnomer (insulting type)
- Not to justify crimes against humanity, not to incite racial hatred or pedophilia,
- Not to create a false identity or impersonate a third party,
- Not to transmit viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs or other harmful or destructive program,
- Not to disrupt the operation of the Site,
- Not undermine the privacy and image rights of individuals who may be identified within the content,
- In general, do not transmit any material that infringe intellectual property rights or the rights of third parties, including trademark law, the right to respect for privacy or copyright.
8.3. Users guarantee MANAGEMENT KLEPIERRE against all claims, based directly or indirectly on these words and / or data that may be brought by anyone against KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT. He undertakes in particular to support the payment of sums of any kind, resulting from the use of a third party against KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT, including attorney fees and court costs.
8.4. Under current regulations, KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT is not responsible for the content posted by users on the Site. However, it has moderators operable to moderate the user contributions. Moderation is performed a posteriori. The choice of a posteriori moderation is the result of the practical impossibility due to the immediacy and importance of the number of contents, to exercise a general a priori control over all content. If the principle of a posteriori moderation favors the freedom of expression of users, each user must take responsibility and ensure respect for basic laws and regulations, including in particular those referred to in this section. Consequently, the user is informed that KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT reserves the right to remove all or part of the content at any time and for any reason without prior notice or justification. The user can have no claim to this title. Users may be surprised or shocked by a content of another user may directly contact the moderator at the following address:
    9. Processing of personal data
The Site contains various forms of collection of personal data. Each form indicates the controller, the purposes for which those data are processed and the recipients.
A lack of information fields identified on the form as required, the application can not be processed.
The person whose personal data have been collared has a right of access and rectification as provided by Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedoms. The form specifically states to whom the right of access and rectification may be exercised. This person may also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning him.
The personal implemented data processing were the subject of formalities with the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties.
    10. Intellectual Property
This Site, including all visual elements, as well as the presentation and content of all articles, press reviews and more generally any information contained on the Site is the exclusive property of KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT or third parties with which it has concluded agreements for the broadcast. The user does not have the right to reproduce, distribute or more generally the right to exploit by any means whatsoever beyond the prior express consent of KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT.
    11. Access to the Site
KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT reserves the right to modify, suspend, restrict or interrupt access to all or part of the Site, including in particular the content, features or hours of availability, without notice.
    12. Amendments to these Terms
These conditions are subject to change at any time. The applicable version is the one prevailing at the date of the consultation of the Site.
The photographs published on the site were taken by:
- Nathalie Oundjian
- Philippe Castano
- Gilles Bismuth
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